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Making your merger a success

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Business Transactions

A merger could be great for your company, but it’s also very easy to go wrong. As you look for the right partner for your merger, consider these steps for creating a success.

Check your own business health

As you consider potential partners, be sure to assess yourself as well. Have a full business health check and make sure that you know exactly where you stand.

Get to know your partners

When you’re looking to merge, choosing your new partners wisely is essential. Get to know them and make sure you have fully investigated. Leave no stone unturned because that stone could be the stumbling block that hurts your company

Talk to their employees and clients

Part of assessing who will be a good partner is to talk with people who have worked with them before. Talk to their employees to get a picture of their leadership and company culture. Ask past clients why they do or do not continue to work with the company. Look for how satisfied they have been and how your potential partner addresses dissatisfaction.

Look at the books

Dive deep into their financial history and bookkeeping. Are they organized and accurate? Did they have any significant financial or tax problems?

Don’t gloss over past problems

When you spot an issue, don’t let it slide. Inaccurate bookkeeping, past tax issues or a disgruntled employee could be your window into bigger company problems, ones that could continue to arise after a merger.

Get on the same page

Once you’ve found a good partner, sit down and create a strategy. Make sure you are on the same page about your company goals, values and exactly how you will get there. Narrow your vision to one main target and make sure you both are willing to work towards it.

Invest in transitioning your employees

If your employees don’t transition well, your merger could crumble. It’s essential to support your team by providing strong leadership. Consider creating a transition team to help bring employees together and engage your company leaders.

Address issues quickly

In a time of transition, it can be easy for employees to feel unsettled. Respond to issues that arise quickly and take care of your employees and customers first. Then, use those concerns to inform your larger company decisions.

A merger could be the best thing that you do for your company, but it must be done correctly. Trust your gut and remember that thoroughness will set you up for success.